3 ways a Woman can get Pregnant with out Having Intercourse


Gynecologists opined that a woman can become pregnant if a male gamete comes into contact with the female organ at any point. However, 9jahowto research and gathered various way a woman can gerpregnant without having intercourse according to the scientist.

Here are some of the ways a woman can become pregnant without having intimacy are thus;

  • Splash pregnant :- At times, husband and wife may not have proper intercourse due to health conditions such as vaginismus.

This makes it either complicated to have intimacy or painful. However, there is still a way for the couple to try and get pregnant.

Mary young adults are admonished to use protection because even the slightest exposure of sperm to the female organ can makes a woman pregnant.

This is exactly what a couple can use to their favor, by trying to have a male gamete release as close to the female organ as possible.


Splash pregnancy refers to the conception that occurs as a result of a male reproductive cell reaching the outer area of the female organ.. (accidentally or intentionally without having intimacy.

As long as some male gamete makes it’s way to the vulva or female organ areas, you have a chance of becoming pregnant successfully using this methods is unpredictable, but you can always use this method before going for any other method.

  • Insemination within the uterus :- Intrauterine insemination (IUI) according to Google, it is a type of artificial insemination — is a procedure for treating infertility. Sperm that have been washed and concentrated are placed directly in your uterus around the time your ovary releases one or more eggs to be fertilized.

This is a slightly enhanced Medical technique, which is joining together of the turkey baster technique and IVF.

This is usually opted for by couples where the level of the male partne’s fertility are low or by single woman who are Fit to get pregnant.

During ovulation, the egg moves to the uterus , awaiting ,the male gamate to fertilize it in this method ,the woman is allowed to choose the male gamete from a donor .

A medical professional then introduce the male gamete right inside the womb close to the egg with the use of a catheter.

The process is the same as that of a pap smear test.

This method of getting pregnant might have to be done continuously for some number of times until it is successful.

  • In Vitro Fertilization .

In some cases,the woman might be healthy to carry the baby to term,but Fertilization itself might be a problem.

This is where IVF plays a key role .

IVF process is quite straight forward as the medication is administered to enhance the production of the egg of the woman, which is then extracted .

The eggs are then kept in conditions where they can be Fertilized with the male reproductive cell of the woman’s choice .

Once an embrayo is formed successful after the Fertilization ,a catheter is used to open the womb and the embrayo is kept inside .

Some women seems to experience little pain and cramping in their abdominal region during the implantation of the embrayo inside the uterus.


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