6 stressful thing about living with a Neighbor you don’t talk to


Living in a building where everyone minds their business is a good deal for the most part . However,it can also be tricky dealing with your neighbors, especially if you don’t have any form of taking relationship with them.


Well , let’s see.

1) you probably don’t see them alot .and when you see them ,you can never decide if greeting them is worth the trouble .

It’s natural to be friendly with your neighbor but some that’s hardly the case for you , you should greet them or not.you don’t want to come off as rude , but you also don’t want them to think you’re desperate for a relationship with them.

This dilemma lasts only for a few weeks , though.

After  a while,your default mood switches to “why can’t they also great me first ?”

2) moving your cars for each other is always on awkward moment.

If you and your neighbor don’t talk ,then the plan is keep your interactions to a minimum . Guess what can stand in the way of that? Cars it’s always stressful thinking about knocking on their door to tell them that their car is blocking your way.

Sometimes, you even consider Leaving your car at home that day.

And all of this because you’re not fans of speaking with each other tough !.

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3)They will never help you turn your gen off  when NEPA brings light.

Living alongside each other is almost like walking on eggshells,so nobody wants to cross their lane But there’s a down side to this they will hardly help with basic things like turning your gen of when there’s light. But can you blame them?

4) Also ,you have to live with the fact that you can’t ask for help that requires you to go into their apartment.

You Know this , so you have the essentials in your apartment and replace them when you need to. You swear you don’t need them until life comes for you.

Think about this it’s 10pm , and they just took light .

Then you tried to put on the gen , and it didn’t come on.

Usually , you would take your Land go sleep .

How ever , your devices are low and you have a deadline to beat . Your neighbor’s gen is running but you can’t ask to charge your devices at their place because you’re convinced that they hate you.

  1. 5) Being in a WhatsApp group with them is the worst thing ever . You may not have any form of relationship with
  2. You live in the same building after all. The days the WhatsApp chat comes alive are literally the worst for you, especially if it’s about a repair or maintenance issues. This may not be a problem if you are, you abses about every text sent to the group and wonder if there is a sub aimed at you some where in there .
  3. 6) when they help you with something , you question their intentions.Deep down , you know it’s not that deep. But there is a tiny voice in your head screaming at you and trying to convince you they are up to no good. Pro: Ignore that voice.


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