Bonding With Your Partner


A bond is one thing every partners will want to have and should have as long as there is love existing between them. A bond is a strong and inseparable connection between two or more person. For example, the love between a mother and her children. A bond is not really easy to form as it requires time, efforts and even sacrifices. You cannot sit down to force  a bond, it will just crash in your face, it is something you take time to build.

Below are some activities that helps in building a bond.

1. Playing

Have you ever wondered one of the reasons why you and your best friend are really close that he or she got to become your best friend? How do you talk with him or her? And how do you talk to your partner? Most people have the tendency to become serious after they get into a relationship with their partner whereas before they got into that relationship, they had a playful side. You don’t have to be serious all the time when conversing with your partner. There should be a time for seriousness and a time for playfulness. You playing with your partner doesn’t mean you would lose respect for him or her.

When you both are together, what happens to pillow fights? Truth or dare? Hide and seek?… In all try initiating playfulness into your relationship.

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2. Go out with each other.

Make efforts to go out with eachother at least twice a week. It could be going out for a party in matching outfits, going to a restaurant, a park, a beach, swimming pool. Like I said, time is a necessity forming a bond. So spend quality time with each other. Also try to minimize the use of mobile devices when alone with your partner

3. Close body contact.

You know when a baby is born, he or she is laid without clothing on the mother’s chest. It is done to create a bond between the mother and child. Sometimes with little clothing, if not without lay close to your partner, let he or her feel part of your skin on their body. You can also hold hands together while walking or hug eachother for about three minutes without interference.

I hope this articles helps with your research.


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