How to check my GLO Number with Code and Call


Quickly check and confirm your GLO 11 digits phone number on your phone dialing a USSD code in Nigeria, the latest 2021 code.

Here on 9jahowto, we present how to check your GLO phone number. To check your digits using USSD code has been made easy if you follow the below-listed procedures.

For you, GLO is a Nigerian multi-billion company and a Nigerian man-owned company. GLO has been in existence since the year 2003, founded by Wale Adenuga, A Yoruba Nigerian man.

How to check your Glo Phone Number using USSD code

To check your GLO phone number, dial *135*8#, display your phone number, and a free SMS message will be sent containing your phone number.

How to check your Glo phone number by calling.

It is, however, noted that the initial USSD code created by the GLO company has downtime. You can also know your GLO number by dialing and listening to your phone number,

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Guess what? It’s free also. You have to dial the code, listen to your phone number and get it saved to somewhere.

How to know your phone number through dialing, simply call 1244 and listen to your phone number.


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