How to make Tomato powder at home


  • Do you know it’s possible to have your tomatoes still fresh, without it being spoilt .
  • I can guarantee you that this hack will help you save money , stress and also help you to keep enjoying fresh tomato anytime.
  • In this article , I will explain how you can preserve your tomatoes by turning it into powdered form.
  • Read on, to Know how to make tomato powder and how you can use it to make your sauce and stew .


1)Rinse the tomatoes well and remove the stems.

Slice the tomatoes tinly and place the tomato slices on tray, spreading a little bit of salt on top of each tomato.

Then dry tomatoes in the sun .

Keep the traying very sunny spot until they are perfectly dried, which could take about 3-4 days or even longer.if you notice some house flies, you can put cheese cloth over the tomatoes ,to keep the flies away from getting to it.

2)After drying tomato ,put into a blender or food processor and blend into a smooth powder .

If you want a finer powder , you can switch to a coffee grinder store it in an air tight container and place it in the fridge or just leave it on the kitchen shelf.


How to use tomato powder

Tomato paste

1) Mix 4 table spoons of tomato powder .

2)1/4 cup of water.

3) Tomato sauce

Mix 8 table spoons of tomato powder to two cups of water to make sauce.

Add some other spices like ginger salt , peppers, onions and garlic to it.

So that you end up with a flavoury and sweet mixed spices.

Tomato juice put 2 table spoons powder in one glass of cold water .

Instant tomato soup

Add 6 table spoons of tomato powder to two cups of boiling water .

Add onion powder season with salt and pepper.


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