You can not Escape it – A Short Story


You can’t Escape with it

A big store established in a particular location,well stocked with diverse and valuable items ranging from classic Wears to Food items as well as Electronic gadgets and accessories.

Everything in this store is Automated, including the doors, payment system etc.

One day,a  certain man went to shop in the store,as he proceeded with his shopping he suddenly sighted a small fascinating Cap he walked towards the cap to try the cap on his head, looked straight at the mirror to check and make necessary adjustment.

While still checking the cap,he saw another amazing item which immediately caught his attention away from the mirror,he walked away from the mirror and moved from one section of the store to another until he was done with his shopping.

Went straight to make his payment,he paid for the items in his cart, forgotten he still has a cap on his head which he did not pay for, he headed for the door to exit the store but the door refused to open….

Surprisingly,other people from same store were going out and others coming in but this certain man was unable to exit the store.

After he had struggled with all the doors in the store,he called the store customer service line,he said

Hello, good day……..he lodged his compliant,the customer service attendant said,sir, perhaps you’ve forgotten that you haven’t pay for the cap on your head and due to our high technology advancement here,it is impossible for you to escape with any items not paid for.

He then remember he was having a cap on his head,he returned the cap and now he could get out of the store after some many wasted hours.


Secret faults and sins not repented may hinder you from entering the rest of the Father on the last day.

Repent and be saved!

Watch your ways!


“For we can do nothing against the truth but for the truth”



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