7 marketing strategies for offline sales

‎Offline marketing is any practice or promotional traditional offline media. These include channels such as television, radio, billboards, print and in-person events.

An offline business either sells physical product in a store, or services that are limited to a geographical location. These are all marketing actions that you will perform on traditional media or by traditional actions that do not use internet technology, also known as traditional marketing.

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In the world today, many entrepreneurs use only online marketing which they need to know both are complementary and that you can integrate online and offline marketing strategies into your campaigns. I will be talking on 7 strategies to use for your business offline which I know it will be helpful.

•Business cards

This will always be available in your pocket or briefcase so you can give it generously with people around you. It is important that it contains all the necessary data concerning your company as well as your e-mails and the address pf your website.  It is important that you know he to use your business cards in a stylish way. Sometimes, I use my business card to attract customers in the sense that when I deliver goods to them either through delivery or door-to-door, I slash in my business card and tell them to contact me coz in have an important thing to discuss with them.

•Pamphlets and flyers

This type of offline marketing does not measure exactly the return on investment but it largely contributes to the image of your company. The pamphlets and flyers can be distributed on the big-surface car [parks, the windows and counters of the tradesmen around you.

I remember sometimes ago when I start my small business which have grows by God’s grace, I use pamphlets and flyers in a way that whenever am going out maybe, party, seminars, outreach. Church and big occasions, I carry my flyers with me and I distribute it to everyone I sight and it help me more than what I can even imagine.

•Speaking engagement/sponsorship

This is another offline marketing idea. Everyone knows speaking engagement which is also word-of-mouth. It can be positive or negative, for you to make it active on your offline advertising.

Ask your family members, friends and people around you to talk about your business around them and they should make positive impact on your behalf.

You can also create referrals for your customers that would bring you new business. Let them know and it will you to have some feedbacks.



This offline strategy has been the most one helping young entrepreneurs nowadays. There’s no way you will be into business and you won’t have to network yourself or associate with new people.

Going to conferences and all, meet new people, exchange numbers and tell them about your business. You can meet some people that ere even your old enough to be mentor, people that are into the same kind of businesses, ask them how they go about it, make friends and you will never regret that.

Networking is really helpful in today’s world and it is useful for those that can relate with others.

•Telemarketing/SMS Marketing

For a long time, especially when online sale were not a reality, telemarketing /SMS marketing was very important.

The calls, whether passive or active, were ones of the alternative sales channels to physical stores.

Of all means used to communicate with your customers, this strategy is one of the most effective channels. The mobile phone is part of the everyday life of every consumer and can, therefore, become an important point of contact in your relationship with them.

The use of telemarketing / SMS marketing is a good way to create link with your customers and it helps you to give a quick reminder to your customers about a particular product to attract a point of sales on a flash offer.


Most high schools and college have newspaper. If your product appeal to his demographic, these are excellent resources for low-cost advertising. Also, you can approach more widely read papers and offer to buy advertising space they can’t sell for a significantly reduced price.

Newspaper is one of the effective offline sales in the world before the computer age and it has been ion disadvantages to some set of people, still, it is an effective strategy if you put in a lot of hard work.

•Media giveaway

Radio and television station are always looking for free products they can give away to their listeners and viewers. Offer to donate free products in exchange for advertisement and publicity about your company.

The more you give the more you receive. The more they publicize you, then tell me why your business won’t grow and many people are using radio and watching televisions. Most houses nowadays all have either radio or television so in their own convenient time they listening and your own business begins to enlarge.

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