Documented 2022 prophecies by Dr Daniel Olukoya

Documented 2022 prophecies by Dr Daniel Olukoya 

The General over seer of mountain of fire and miracle ministries Dr Daniel olukoya has revealed what will happen in 2022 .

The clergy man made this known in his 2022 prophecies released during the church cross over service olukoya in his 37 -point prophecies for 2022 , said Nigerians need to pray against inflation , starvation and political instability .

He said ," we need to pray against strange deaths.

"The church needs prayers against increased persecution of Christians.

For any power that wants Nigeria to sink  shall die , they will drink their own blood and eat their own flesh , until they are drunk with it .

They prophecies goes thus:

1)It is a year for true son's of God to have a voice .

2)It is a year of new and better things for the children of , make sure you serve God whole heartly in the year 2022

3)It is a year of failing away of the old and the emergence of the new.

4)The Lord said new , accurate , prophetic voices will emerge, not like what we have now .

5)The Lord says that for many ,all the doors that were shut against them shall be forced opened .

6)The year shall be a year of new beginning for many.

7)We need to pray really seriously on strange and great movement in the waters ,in the rain,in the river and in the sea.

8)It is a year of positive dislocation , some will be dislocated , they will think it is for evil but it shall be for good .

9)It is a year that you have to be serious with God ,sort your self out and put your life right . Don't play games with God in year 2022

10)we need to pray really hard to prevent another COVID-like situation or anything that is similar to it.

11) Exodus 19v5-6 will play out very,if we comply with this , supernatural protection , supernatural preservation will take place .

12)It is a year for the saints to the saints in shine as light.

13) corruptions,evil plots and schemes will be exposed in a massive way.

14)This is for Mountain of fire ) The mountain of fire will manifest more like the pool of Bethesda,where people will come and be healed.

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15)It is a year for you to key into your positions as light and salt of the earth .

16)The rage of Marine powers, releasing seven (7)deadly spirits. They have started releasing them already sexual perversion and immorality , insanity , confusion , lying spirits and infirmity , Mammon spirits, adversity and conflicts.

17)Answers to banked up prayer's and long term problems the answer will begin to manifest.

18) we need to pray hard to avoid useless wars ,wars that are completely unnecessary  .

19)All over the world ,hard -core occultics and ritualists wit be put to shame  .

20)The wailing cry of the saints will trigger divine Mercy ,so ,we should pray alot more.

21) There will be clear and purging in the house of God .Alot of people are just taking God for a ride , this 2022 will not be like that if you come and start joking with God , you are playing with your life in this coming year.

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22) There will be laughter's in the places where sorrows have dwell for a very long time.

23)The Lord said it will be a rain of babies for those expectant parents and there will be mysterious break -throughs for them.

24) It is a year of uncommon divine favor.

25)we need to pray to avert friendly nations disagreeing and going into wars.

26)It will be a year of drought for those without store houses .

27)Many prodigals will come back to the Lord willing or unwillingly.

28)There will be massive shakings that will expose hypocrisy and corruption in the house of God.

29)we need to pray as a church that God should begin to raise politicians like Daniel and Joseph who will prosper in whatever political in whatever political and financial climate before them.

30) There will be a release of new generation of revivalists of evangelise this end time harvest of souls.

31)We need to pray against inflation and starvation .

32) we need to pray against massive political instability which will put alot of people in disarray.

33) one other thing that came up in the radars is that we need to pray seriously for marriages .

The devil has planned a stormy years for marriages.

34)we need to pray against strange deaths .

35)No believers should miss the opportunity to bombard heavens with high voltage prayers on 2 -2-2022 That is a strategic day.

36) The church needs prayers against increased persecution of Christians.

37)The God of the suddenlies is preparing some thing for Nigeria and will answer the prayers of His children .

For any power that wants Nigeria to sink shall sink , and any power that wants Nigeria to die shall die,they will drink their own blood and eat their own flesh, until they are drunk with it 


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