Major Health benefits of Eating Mango

Here are health benefits of Nigerian top consumed fruit, Mango. Mangoes come in different varieties, each with it's own set of benefits.

Mangoes were once only available at the end of the dry season , but now they can be bought all year in grocery stores.

Mangoes are high in Vitamins, Minerals , and antioxidants, which can help you stay healthy.

The following are some of the most important Health benefits of Eating mangoes.

1)improved vision :-

Mangoes are high in the anxioxidants lutein and Zeaxanthin,as well as vitamin A ,which together assist to protect our eyes and lower the risk of macular degeneration.

2) Calories conscious:-, Another advantage of Mango is it's low calorie content.

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Fresh mangoes contains fewer than 100 Calories per cup(165gms)and has a very low calorie density , Meaning it has little calories for the amount of food it offers.

According to research, eating like Mango at the start of a Meal can help you avoid overating later on.

3)Cancer Risk Reduction:-Mangoes are high in beta carotene ,a pigment that gives the fruit it's yellow -orange color one of the many antioxidants contained in Mangoes in beta carotene.

Mangoes include antioxidants have been demonstrated to fight free radicals, which can harm cells and contribute to cancer.

4) cardiovascular Health :-Mangoes are also good for heart and circulatory system .

They 're high in magnesium and potassium , which are both linked to reduced blood pressure and a steady pluse.

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Mangoes also contain a chemical called Mangiferin , which preliminary research suggests may be able to alleviate cardiac inflammation.

5)Booast sperm count :- men who eat foods high in antioxidants,such as carrots and Mangoes , have stronger sperm , which can help them conceive more babies.


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