FULL UPDATE: Portable, Poco Lee and Kogbagidi clash, Portable back to street

Update on Portable, Poco Lee and Kogbagidi clash


The Zaazu Zeh crooner, Portable has been the top trending news today 21st of December, 2021.


Speaking on the rumors going around, it has been confirmed that by 9jahowto that.


Portable calls Poco lee out after being allegedly scammed of $2,400 (Two thousand four hundred Naira only). According to Portable, the viral leg-work dancer, Poco Lee takes the fame which belongs to Portable in the trending music Zaazu Zeh, the song on digital stores claims Poco Lee owns the music which originally belongs to Portable. 

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However, Portable also made it known that, Machala, Wizkid sprays him the total sum of $3K in his last show attended and Poco Lee drops only the sum of $600. 


According to video posted by Portable, he exclaimed how Poco Lee has been trying to hi jack his song from him. 


However, the singer promoter, Kogbagidi has also sent Portable to pack away from his resident admist the issue.


Kogbagidi posted; kogbagidi Unruly and unprofessional conduct is always expected from upcomings .You never can tell what goes on in their mind or head . Am shocked and embarrassed at this point . Do I need to fix your career and your head at the same time ?😡


However, in the viral video, Kogbagidi sent Portable packing and going back home ‘trenches’. 

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Few minutes after, Portable, the Zaazu Zeh crooner is back home. He’s back to trenches saying in the newly released video ‘one should run for who are trying to Rob one of his/her own destiny.’ 


At the present moment, Portable musical carrier is at stake, and Poco Lee movement is also at stake as Portable promised setting street boys to beat him if he refused to settle the remaining $2,400.


As at, 14:00 the music giants involved, Olamide, Wizkid are yet to speak up. 

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